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Multibody Dynamics Simulator

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Multibody Dynamics Simulator resulted from the PhD work on planar dynamics of rigid bodies with unilateral contacts (as Linear Complementarity Problem-LCP). Most of the theory is covered in the book by Pfeiffer and Glocker [1996]. There are many more references, but if you need one book to start, this is it! Some extensions to the Pfeiffer and Glocker formulations built into the program are:
  • arbitrary shape of planar discrete bodies that can have unilateral contacts [Slavic 2006a],
  • tracking mechanical energy lost at contact surfaces [Slavic 2006b],
  • geometrical roughness phenomena and run-in wear [Slavic 2006b, Slavic 2007]
The program is written in Delphi 7 and uses GLScene Open GL library for graphics and a modified ParseExpr for handling symbolic mathematical expressions at run-time.

Janko Slavič, PhD
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