Getting started
1a. Kickstart online
1b. Install the following programs.
2. Study probably the best starting tutorial
  • The Not So Short Introduction To Latex which offers the fastest way to start writing in LaTeX (download from CTAN) - it is recommended for the first-time users to read this document
3. Use our sample LaTeX documents (Slovenian language)
Useful stuff that you can skip at start
  • Use LaTeX in Powerpoint, CorelDraw,...
  • GSView - Postccript viewer. GhostScript must be installed for this program to work.
  • Referneces - A BiBTeX Editor with a graphical user interface, searching capabilities, help etc. This, Java-based application, can be run on various platforms. Just unpack into any directory and run the included batch file. One must change the contents of the run_ref.bat to reflect the actual position of the References files (no spaces allowed).
  • WinEdt - Shareware with 30-day trial period.
  • TeX-TTF-SI - Some True Type fonts for Windows which look like LaTeX fonts.
  • eps2pdf Easy to use EPS to PDF converter. Ghostscript must be installed for this program to work and eps files must not have a preview.
  • WMF2EPS. An improvement of the EMF2EPS program. The program handles the bounding box properly. Adobe postscript drivers are included as well as instructions on how to install them.
LaTeX on Wikipedia, TeX Blog, A Guide to LATEX: Document Preparation for Beginners and Advanced Users, LaTeX : A Documentation Preparation System Users Guide and Reference Manual, TEXCEH (Slovenian TEX Users Group), TeX Users Group Home Page, FAQs TEX and LATEX Resources CTAN Archive (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network), Links and documentation related to LaTeX, TeX and MikTeX, Trubar Spelling Checker.