Laboratory for Dynamics of Machines and Structures 
Dynamics Design of a High-speed Cutting Press Prototype

Master's thesis, Technical University Munich, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Applied Mechanics, September 2013

The Master’s thesis is a part of a research project under the European Research Association for Sheet Metal Working. An indirect partner of this project is the Institute of Applied Mechanics (AM) at the Technical University Munich. The aim of the project is to develop a high speed cutting press with a 6 bar linkage mechanism as a driving unit. The Institute of Applied Mechanics is responsible for the kinematic and dynamic design of the linkage mechanism. This master’s thesis continues the diploma thesis of Krinner, focusing on balancing models and concepts for the linkage mechanism. After the literature review the master’s thesis focuses on the design of a mass balancing mechanism in order to balance the forces on the frame of the press. Doing that the quality of the process and its products are increased. For that purpose kinematic and kinetic models are built, using MATLAB and WinDAM software tools. Mathematical optimization is done next to reduce the frame forces. Additionally, further analyses are done with the help of multi-body dynamics simulation software SimulationX and MBSim in order to select a motor, flywheel and clutch and also to investigate the influence of clearance and friction on dynamic behavior of the mechanism.