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Characterisation of materials used for anti-vibration gloves
Characterisation of materials used for anti-vibration gloves
When operating hand tools manual laborers are subjected to harmfull vibrations and this can lead to serious vibration injuries. Different approaches are used to protect the hand against vibrations, but the use of anti-vibration gloves is currently the most widespread method in use. Despite recent advances in modeling the vibroisolative materials, used to manufacture anti-vibration gloves, are still researched based on the standard or biodynamic measurements. The first step in this MSc theme is to study the theory of dynamic response of structured and the biodynamic method. A measuring system based on the principle of biodynamics needs to be developed, which is then used to measure the dynamic response at the palm and the fingers. Finally the hand is wrapped into different vibroisolative materials and the results are then used to chose the most appropriate material for anti-vibration glove design.
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