Laboratory for Dynamics of Machines and Structures 
Controlling an electrodynamskage shaker using the Rattlesnake Python package

In the field of vibration testing, effective control of shaking systems is crucial for accurate simulation of dynamic conditions. The aim of the work is to explore the capabilities of the Rattlesnake Python package for efficient control of the shaker and shaker systems. The work will include getting to know the package, its structure and operation. It will be necessary to investigate the theoretical background of the control of electrodynamic shakers and use the Rattlesnake package to implement the control. The research will involve carrying out measurements to capture vibration data and actively using a package to control the vibrations produced by the shaker. It will be necessary to evaluate the operation of the shaker control by comparing the controlled measurements with the desired reference signals.

Contact: Janko Slavič

Reference: Rattlesnake Python package