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Damage accumulation in material fatigue
Damage accumulation in material fatigue
Repeating load can cause material fatigue and consequently failure. Fatigue analysis is based on identification and counting of loading cycles. Using the classical procedure, damage is contributed to each cycle, and then the damages are summed. Methods for damage summation are based on different assumptions which simplify and expedite the analysis procedure. However, these same assumptions do not take into account important physical phenomena, such as: loading cycle frequency and loading cycle sequence. One of the more popular methods is the Palmgren-Miner linear damage accumulation hypothesis, but more elaborate methods can also be found in literature.

The goal of this study is to gather, review and compare, side-by-side, damage accumulation methods from literature. Effect that different input parameters and different loadings have on the final result should be researched. The knowledge gathered this way will be useful in deciding about what method to use on a specific real case.
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